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iMAPS – in Ronkonkoma April 5th

2012 March 29

iMAPSThe International Microelectronics and Packaging Society, or IMAPS for short, will be convening its Metro New York/Long Island chapter meeting at the Holiday Inn this April 5th in Ronkonkoma, NY. We at PEI are pleased to announce that we will be counted among the 75+ companies in attendance at this invaluable series of lectures, symposiums, and workshops on the microelectronic industry of today. The overall goal, beyond of course the possibility of reaching out to new business partners and reconnecting with old ones, will be a thorough investigation of microwave hybrid technology as it stands, and its reliable and successful transference into military, space, medical, and critical commercial applications such as counterfeit component detection and prevention.

Throughout the course of the day, topics covered will include a comprehensive overview of the RF manufacturing assembly process; a look at some of the frequent problems in the course of hybrid manufacturing; eutectic soldering processes; die, substrate, and package compatibility; the need for minimizing junction temperature; and a definitive examination of thermocompression bonding, ribbon bonding, gap welding, fine wire bonding, and other such specialist areas of the wirebonding and interconnect process.

Orchestrated by the well-regarded industry consultants, Thomas Green of TJ Green Associates LLC (and formerly staff engineer at Lockheed Martin, in addition to USAF Rome Laboratories) and Don Trenholm (President of Custom Analytical Services), we look forward to mixing and mingling with some of the most brilliant scientific minds in New England and the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard, as well as to the promised cocktail lounge event (all the more appreciated after such a seismic meeting of the minds).

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