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The 4G Revolution Will Be Televised (with the Help of Antennae)

2012 July 31
by andreakbass

4G antennaeFew technology stories are more omnipresent these days than the “4G revolution”. The sudden proliferation of high-speed smart phones with low bit-rate compression and high-resolution graphics has made for a livelier experience for tens of millions of cell phone users worldwide. 14% of the population of South Korea, for instance (some 7 million people), are already using LTE smartphones. And while as yet only 5% of Americans own 4G network-enabled cell phones, that number is quickly on the upswing. As the popularity of the new technology continues to increase, companies from Google to Apple to Samsung to BlackBerry anticipate massive long-term profits from the latent possibilities of 4G technology.

Lost somewhat in the (not unwarranted) hoopla of the new generation of cellular technology are the actual components that go into its assembly. One of the crucial parts involved in improving a 4G smartphone is a cell phone antenna. Just as with any telecommunications network, 4G access suffers when there’s a physical impediment to reception, such as hills, or a tall building, or a particularly thick tree-line. As a result of 4G antennae, these sorts of obstacles can be avoided, letting you have the experience you’ve come to expect from 4G service. The antenna augments what is already a powerful, high-speed communications link, allowing you to “talk above the tree-line,” so to speak. Furthermore, these antennae are fabricated by means of photochemical etching.

The fine work that goes into 4G antennae requires a tolerance tightness and consistent level of precision that only photochemical machining allows for. Because of the specific nature of photochemical etching, which allows for parts to be “etched” from the same mould, it follows that there is an obvious and corresponding precision involved. PEI is proud to serve as a partner in the emergence of 4G technology. Our antennae are available to optimize your user experience that much more readily.

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