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Titanium Etching for Internal Microchip Plants, and Other Medical Uses

2012 April 6
by andreakbass

Osteoporosis weakens boneTeriparatide (known more commonly by its market name, Forteo) is a drug used frequently to treat osteoporosis. In order for the drug to work effectively in a patient’s system, a stentorian regimen of daily injections is required: one small slip-up in the routine and a lot can be jeopardized.

To help patients maintain a more precise means of using teriparatide, scientists at M.I.T. and elsewhere have pioneered a titanium microchip that can actually be implanted into a patient’s internal system. Once implanted, the microchip then performs a timed release of the teriparatide, allowing for a clear, constant, and rigorous administration of the drug.

Apart from the complexities of its electronic components, one of the key elements to note about the microchip (dimensions of 1/50th of an inch thick, half of an inch long, and 1/5th of an inch wide) is the fact that it is fabricated largely out of titanium. This is no coincidence. Because of titanium’s propensity for extremely tight tolerances, as well as the metal’s impermeability when conjoined with other base materials, it is in constant demand by the OEM medical industry, where the slightest adjustment in a device’s precision and hardiness can mean the difference between wellness and illness.

Flat-wire catheters, aneurism devices, pacemakers, medical implants, reconstructive surgery, and now an automated internal medicine delivery device: time and again, the 81st element is sought after as an etching material for medical applications. At PEI, we have a whole division dedicated to the metal photo etching of titanium. An ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, as well as one of the first companies in the world to embrace whole-heartedly the process of photochemical engineering, we’ve kept a spotless track record in terms of etching titanium for cutting-edge medical applications.

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