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EMI & RFI Custom Board Level Shielding


RFI/EMI Board-Level Shielding
When you need etched metal EMI/RF shields to protect your electronic, microelectronic, or medical components from all types of radio frequency/electromagnetic interference and environmental hazards, and to provide electrical grounding, come to PEI’s EMI/RF Shielding Division. For nearly 20 years we have manufactured both standard and custom board-level RF/EMI Shielding to meet the most exacting customer design specifications domestically and worldwide. Our innovative technology and extensive etching capabilities allow us to manufacture reliable, easy-to-use shielding in an extensive variety of materials at low cost and with fast deliveries. 
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RF) from an external source can interfere with, interrupt, or limit the performance of a printed circuit board and its components. EMI and RF can affect cell phones; television or radio reception; consumer, medical, military and industrial devices; and electronic equipment performance. Sources of EMI and RFI include all types of radio transmitters, switched-mode power supplies, and common household appliances, as well as integrated circuits. The conductors can be in physical contact with the component or the interference can be induced by remote transmissions. Either way, your equipment can be affected adversely unless the parts within the integrated circuits are shielded from EMI and RF.
PEI offers both standard and custom forming tools in any size and shape to meet customer specifications. We will quote on any existing etched metal shield that has a removable cover and incorporate custom bend lines, part numbers and etched logos within your design. No matter how complex the design, the only tooling charge is for a phototool, not for a forming tool. (Our phototools are all produced in-house using customer drawings.) The use of phototools greatly increases the ease of making design changes while reducing the cost of the end product and the delivery times for prototypes and production parts.
Shield options for circuit board applications include:
  • One-piece or two-piece construction.
  • Flat or formed, with our easy access” configuration.
  • Standard base materials including tin-plated brass, brass, tin, tin-lead, nickel, copper, stainless steel, and cold-rolled steel, all of which can be provided with solderable plating.
  • Finishes including nickel, bright nickel, tin, tin-lead, palladium nickel, and gold.
  • Nickel-silver (Alloy 770) base material, which does not require additional finishing because it is already solderable.
  • Arrayed etched holes, slots or patterns for component cooling, at no additional charge.
  • Single- or multi-cavity designs in any size.
The basic one-piece shield is the simplest, most inexpensive form of shield, available with surface-mount or through-hole construction. The sizes are offset for tight-fitting corners, and the shield can be hand-folded by PEI or by the customer. Customers have total flexibility and can add or change anything on the shield to suit their needs with minimal artwork costs. Logos or part numbers can be etched into the surface to further customize the shield.
All of PEI’s custom and standard shields are proudly manufactured in the USA. PEI’s manufacturing process has achieved ISO-9001:2008 and has been awarded certification under AS9100, quality standards established by the aircraft and aerospace industry. Applications for PEI’s line of shielding products include aerospace, defense, and commercial electronics; communications and telecommunications equipment; medical and biomedical equipment; and appliances – in fact, virtually any application where board components must be protected from RF interference.


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