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Electrical Contacts Meeting Exacting Electrical & Thermal Specs

June 23, 2008

PHOTOFABRICATION ENGINEERING, INC. (PEI), Milford, MA (June 23, 2008) manufactures a line of photochemically-etched electrical contacts made of beryllium copper for integrated circuit manufacturing.  The beryllium copper contacts are ideal for products requireing exceptional hardness, strength, self-lubrication, and good thermal and electrical conductivity.  They are highly beneficial in spring applications that result in high usage or high stress to the parts.

PEI manufactured contacts are used in a wide variety of applications, including printed circuit board connectors, appliances and lead frames for the medical and electrical/electronic industries.  PEI also provides electrical contacts in other materials including copper and brass, with tin, nickel and nickel-gold plating.

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