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Photo Etched Thin Metal Parts Alternative to Stamping

August 2, 2010



PHOTOFABRICATION ENGINEERING, INC. (PEI), Milford, MA, (August 2, 2010) offers manufacturers a cost-effective alternative to stamping. No matter how intricate the part, or what quantity is needed, photochemical etching is less expensive, faster, and more accurate than stamping.

• Tooling costs can be as little as $400—and this is a non-recurring charge, as long as the tool doesn’t change. If changes to occur, they can be made quickly and inexpensively.
• Tooling can be created in a matter of days, not weeks or months, so manufacturers can get their parts to market that much faster.
• The first part is the same as the millionth part, since the tool doesn’t “wear” the way a stamp does.
• With photoetching, you can design slots into your part—impossible with stamping.
• Any type of graphics needed—part numbers, electrical locations, logos, etc.—can be included in the tool at no extra charge.
• ANY non-corrosive thin metal—including exotic metals such as beryllium copper, molybdenum, titanium, and zirconium—can be etched, burr-free and stress-free.

PEI makes phototools in-house, and has over 2000 material part numbers in stock (in thicknesses from 0.0005 in. to 0.125 in.). Requests for quotes are answered within 24 hours of receipt of prints, and delivery of production parts is typically 3-4 weeks from receipt of order.

PEI’s custom products include EMI/RF shielding, optical encoder discs and shaft encoders for positioning systems, heat sinks, heater elements, seam-weldable lids for microelectronic packages, fuel cell and hydrogen generator anodes and cathodes, thermal switch components, lead frames, and other metal parts for all types of electronic, aerospace, automotive, and medical applications. PEI’s manufacturing process is ISO registered and complies with or exceeds most customer and military standards, and we have one of the largest plants in the world dedicated to photochemical machining.

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