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We are Green

PEI is Green!
PEI has instituted an Environmental Management System (EMS), partially funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which resulted in our being named a Clean Technology Demonstration Site by the State, and also gained us recognition from the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute.

“Green” Before the Buzz
In 1984, when PEI broke ground for its new state of the art facility in Milford, MA, we discovered a fantastic opportunity to be green right under our feet. Literally. Within the confines of our property ran a spring fed granite quarry. History reveals that at the turn of the 20th century the granite quarries in Milford produced some of the finest pink granite in the world. Long since abandoned, today these quarries have filled with spring fed water and are in some cases more than 100 feet deep.

PEI invested in a safe way to run off contact cooling pipes through the onsite granite quarry at a depth of approximately 50 to 55 feet deep. At this depth the water temperature year round an average of 55 to 60 degrees. PEI utilizes this off contact cooling resource as a supplement cooling system for the etching machines. The cooling allows PEI to use less energy thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing facility. The off-contact cooling also allows PEI to operate at less expense that in turn allows us to be more competitive within the global market place from our Massachusetts headquarters.

100% Satisfaction Commitment

PEI strives for 100% satisfaction, but if we ever fall short of a customer’s expectations, a resolution is only a phone call away. Our prestigious list of long-term customers is a testimony to this philosophy.

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