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 Environmental, Health & Safety Manager                       

PEI is looking for an experienced person to manage our environmental health and safety.  This person will need to have five plus years experience working in the manufacturing and will have to have a good knowledge of chemistry and watetreatment operations.

Job responsibilities include;

Develop and implement environmental, health and safety programs, polices and procedures. 

Ensure compliance with environmental, health and safety legislation

Keep abreast of environmental, health and safety legislation and 'BEST' practices

Identify, assess and reduce company's environmental, health and safety risks and financial costs

Prepare Toxic Use Reduction Plan, EPA Form R, DEP Form S, Tier II Reports and Biennial Hazardous Waste Report

Review, Update and submit as needed EHS plans/permits:

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Contingency Plan
  • Process Safety Management Plan
  • Non Contact Cooling Water Permit
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Respirator Program
  • Lock out Tag out Program
  • Operation and Maintenace Manuals
  • Industrial Waste Water Permit
  • Hazardous Materials Processing 
  • Perform EHS Training as requirend pervarious program requirements
  • perfrom EHS inspections and audits

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  Photofabrication Engineering, Inc. (PEI) is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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