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Photo Etching Metal Parts for Medical Applications

Metal Parts for Medical Products

PHOTOFABRICATION ENGINEERING (PEI) is your source for medical implantables and medical equipment components manufactured with precision, consistency and expertise.

For over 20 years, PEI has been manufacturing intricate, burr-free and stress-free etched metal parts from both standard and exotic non-corrosive metals. We can etch an extremely broad range of metals, from aluminum to zirconium, including zircaloid/zirconium alloys and beryllium copper.

Our unique ability to photo-etch pure titanium, titanium alloys and stainless steel alloys to meet the strictest medical standards has made PEI a leader in the medical parts industry.

The Process

Because PEI makes its own photochemical etching tools, and has over 2000 material part numbers in stock, we offer quick turnaround at extremely competitive prices. RFQ’s are typically answered within 24 hours, and delivery of production parts takes only 3-4 weeks from receipt of final order. Our photochemical etching process assures that tolerances can be held in all dimensions to within 10% of the material thickness.

Change in tooling design? No problem. PEI’s photo-etching tools are inexpensive to create, and minor changes can be made quickly.

Need a large volume production quantity with strict tolerances? Again, no problem. Since phototools don’t “wear” like conventional tools, you’ll get the exact same piece regardless of quantity.

PEI’s manufacturing process has achieved ISO-9002 certification and complies with MIL-I-45208 standards. We were also awarded certification under AS9100, quality standards established by the aircraft and aerospace industry.


Medical parts manufactured by PEI include:

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