What’s the typical development process?

First comes the design portion of the project. What we do here is to design an ornament, or other piece, based on your supplied images and other specified design parameters and input. Once we finish the design, we’ll send you a color illustration of the ornament, along with any specific input you may have, which typically includes the title or organization name, the year, etc.

Once the design is approved, we will determine your packaging requirements, delivery date, and any other specifics, which we’ll need to include for the quote. The quote will be submitted to our estimating department, where they will contact you directly with the specific charges and unit pricing.

When you’re satisfied with the design and quote, you place the order, and we’ll get started on it right away. You may also re-order at any time once the design goes into production, with a reduced lead time which is dependent on the time of year.

What is your turnaround time?

From the time you sign off on the quote, delivery is 4-6 weeks.

Can the design be changed after the artwork, tooling, and production run is made?

Yes, the design can be changed but additional one-time artwork charges and tooling fees will be applied.

Can I get a sample before you run production?

You may request a “First Piece” after you sign off on the quote and place the order. We will send you representative pieces from the first sheet of the production run prior to manufacturing the remainder of the order. If changes are required or requested, additional one-time artwork charges and tooling fees will be applied. First Piece samples are required for your approval for orders over 5000 pieces.

I have digital artwork and/or physical tooling already. Can this be used to etch my sheets?

The answer to this is possibly. Please see are Artwork Guidelines to be sure your artwork meets our manufacturing artwork and tooling standards. Please note that you are responsible for the outcome of the etched sheets if supplying your own artwork and tooling; we will treat these types of jobs on a best effort basis. Customer artwork and tooling is subject to approval before running any sheets. Send us your digital artwork or photo tool for inspection.

Can you use artwork or tooling from any other software other than Adobe Illustrator?

We do require that customer submitted artwork, or digital tooling files be supplied in Adobe Illustrator, with a CS5 preview, so that it will be accurately plotted on our equipment. We can convert your artwork to image your design, but one-time artwork and tooling charges may apply. Please refer to our Artwork Guidelines for additional information.

Can I change the metal thickness once the artwork and tooling have been completed?

Artwork and tooling is specifically set up for the original specified metal thickness. As a rule of thumb, you may reduce the thickness of the metal for any previously existing design, without critical features, but the artwork and tooling will have to be modified for any jobs which you’d like to increase the metal thickness to properly adjust the compensation for the increased etch factor. Additional one-time artwork charges and tooling fees will be applied for any job going up in metal thickness.

Can each piece be sequentially numbered?

Due to the process, each piece cannot be sequentially numbered. If numbering is required, literature cards, if desired, can be sequentially numbered easily and will add perceived value to your overall presentation.

I have a set budget for unit costs; can a piece be designed to fit my budget?

One of the benefits of custom design is that if you let us know up front what your budget range is, our designers can design a piece for you which falls into your price range.

Are your products made in the USA?

Absolutely; we design and manufacture in our facility in Milford, Massachusetts.