PEI Spinners the perfect solution for direct mail campaigns!

PEI’s “SPINNERS” created by PEI’s president, Chip Lehrer, provides the advantage of light weight and a 3D experience upon receipt. Says, Chip, “Who would have known that our Christmas mailing would open so many doors? Clients and prospects loved how the spinner lay’s flat and is flexible in the envelope (so it won’t disrupt postal processing equipment)? And then spins out in to a 3D ornament or keepsake!”

PEI decorative designers work feverishly to help customers (including advertising agencies and direct mail houses) regularly beat their price targets for creative and compelling front-end premiums. Doug Pyron,, PEI’s decorative design manager states, “A physical keepsake tells a story about the institution and the mission that the written word just cant get across and our photo etching process provides the detail which one just cant economically achieve with a stamping or casting process.”

Time to market is important in direct mail. As a domestic manufacturer in a modern single floor 40,000 square foot facility PEI is ready to meet the challenge of tight delivery dates. Often our customers like to include “Made in the USA” as part of the design, we are one of the very few manufactures left that can do that and sleep well at night!

PEI SPINNERS are typically manufactured in solid brass, however other materials are available. PEI offers a variety of finishes, such as, gold and imitation rhodium. We can etch your message right into the Spinner or add your logo. Spinners can also be provided with silk-screened color our ink-jet images.

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