Looking for a unique way to engage your donor base, or continue fostering Alumni spirit, or perhaps its to create a unique corporate keepsake as a thank you to customers or your employees? Partnering with PEI’s creative Design Team and our state of the art chemical etching services might be the answer!

Our capabilities to chemically machine metal using a photo lithography process allow us the ability to quickly and inexpensively produce custom ornaments, keepsakes and commemorative products for our customers.

Please visit our Photo Gallery to examine more examples of the custom designs we’ve created.

An Annual Ornament/Keepsake Program is an excellent way to reward your donors and volunteer’s year-in and year-out. Studies show that if you can engage the senses other than sight – like touch – then you can create a more powerful memory. With an annual ornament program, your story can be celebrated in a stunningly visual and tactile way that enables deeper connections by your donor base and volunteers. If requested, we can also include a stand so that the ornament can become a keepsake to be displayed on a desk or mantle. A great way to keep the memory alive always!

Your own custom ornament can come to life from just a simple .jpeg or .pdf file (note: we prefer Adobe Illustrator vector artwork). More than one Ornament/Keepsake Program has started from a hand sketch of a building, animal, bird, statue and, of course, a logo!