PEI’s unique photo chemical machining process is an excellent technology to bring all your creative designs to life in metal! From custom jewelry findings, etched picture frames, branded guitar pics, and custom corporate gifts to one-of-a-kind etched light-switch plates. Our unique process can bring any idea to life in the metal of your choice.

Some of the most popular metal options are…

– Brass                                      – Nickel Silver
– Copper                                   – Stainless Steel
– Sterling Silver                        – Titanium

Additionally, we can enhance your design with many finishes and really make them even more special! The following are some of our most common finishes…

– Gold                                         – Gold Frost                                – Imitation Rhodium
– Imitation Rhodium Frost     – Copper                                      – Powder Coating (any color!)
– Lacquer                                   – Silk Screening                          – Full Color Inkjet
– Acrylic Molding                     – Custom Display Cases            – Flat-back Decals

Feel free to challenge our design team with your creative concepts. Their experience combined with your creativity can help you realize the true potential of your vision! Think “Outside The Box”…

Custom Branded Stainless Steel Guitar Picks (Courtesy of Tantris Picks!)