EMI/RF Shielding For Electronic Board Level Applications

Nickel Silver EMI-RFI Shield Formed with CDE Bend Lines VIEW Nickel Silver Surface Mount RFI-EMI Shield (Flat) VIEW Nickel Silver Surface Mount RFI-EMI Shield VIEW Nickel Silver EMI-RFI Through Hole Shield (2) VIEW Nickel Silver EMI-RFI Through Hole Shield (1) VIEW Custom Formed Etched Precision Part VIEW Brass Tin Plated EMI-RFI Surface Mounted Shield VIEW BeCu Silver Plated Formed Heat Treated Contact Strip VIEW Nickel Sliver EMI-RFI Flat Shield VIEW Nickel Silver Electronic Shield Cover with Etched Graphics VIEW

PEI’s EMI Shielding & RF Shielding line further extends our penetration into the electronics market. PEI offers an inexpensive solution to your shielding needs. We can create a custom shield that is designed to protect components from radio frequency/electromagnetic interference and environmental hazards, and provide electrical grounding.

PEI’s innovative Control Depth Etch (CDE) fold line technology allows us to create 3-dimensional EMI/RF shield solutions from flat sheets which greatly reduces tooling costs and delivery cycle times.  CDE fold lines create a easy way to manually bend your custom designs accurately and at various angles. This avoids the expense of hard tooling and the delivery timing associated with it.

Shielding options applications include:

One-piece Designs
• We can add etched posts for direct insertion into your boards (Thru-hole Design)
• We can also etch your design to accommodate interfacing with Shield Clips (Straight wall design)
• We can also etch your design to accommodate direct surface mounting (Surface Mount Design)

Two-piece Design (Cover & Fence)
• We can design a board level “Fence” with a mating “Cover”

Standard base materials include:
• Brass
• Tin
• Tin-lead
• Nickel
• Nickel/Silver
• Copper
• Cold-rolled steel
** All of which can be provided with solder-able plating

The most common material choice is Nickel-silver!

• Nickel/Silver (Ni/Ag) doesn’t require additional finishing because it is already solder-able

EMI/RFI Shielding can be provided in unformed (Flat) condition which can greatly reduce shipping costs and inventory storage space until your shield is ready for final assembly.  This also reduces PEI’s costs to you!  PEI can provide tape & reel packaging for automated assembly if required.

Our innovative technology and extensive etching capabilities allow us to manufacture reliable, easy-to-use shielding at low cost and with fast deliveries. Let our Engineers apply this unique CDE fold technology to maximize your EMI/RF shielding needs!