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Choose your design style.

We typically produce three styles of pieces which will fall into one of these three categories:

Flat – Just what it sounds like, a one-piece, pierced and surface etched, design. Can be silk-screened or ink jet printed.

2-D – A design, which can be formed from one piece, such as a pushback, fold-up, formed, or may have 2 or more pieces to make up the finished design. These designs are primarily viewed from the front.

3-D – As the description implies, these are a full 3-D design, viewable from any angle. 3-D designs are made up of multiple pieces, which have tab and slot configurations in order to assemble the parts into a finished design. 3-D pieces can have color added by the silk screening process only.

Additional Embellishments.

These can be added to your design to enhance the look of the finished piece; these are optional and can be mixed to get your look:


Ribbons – are available in the following colors: red, white, blue, green, black, gold, and royal blue.

String & Cord

String, or cord, is available in gold or silver.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing – Each color is applied to the piece individually, and is best suited for high saturation, vibrant, spot colors. Pantone Matching System colors can be reproduced. Silk-screened pieces may be formed after printing. Color can only be applied to non-surface etched areas using this process.

Ink Jet printing

Ink Jet printing – This process is a 4-color process print, which will give you a muted version of the original. Using this process, however, the numbers of colors are unlimited, and spot and halftone images are printed directly on the metal surface. Can only be used on surfaces, which, are to remain flat, and drawn back from any areas that are to be folded.

Polyurethane Domed Decals

Polyurethane Domed Decals – High-resolution 4-color process and spot color prints can be added directly to the design using this method. These are printed, die cut, and given a dome of polyurethane to give a dimensional, glass dome effect.

Epoxy fills

Epoxy fills – This method allows the introduction of color into surface etched areas. After the piece is etched, the sunken areas are filled with epoxy color, leaving the full metal thickness areas untouched. Epoxy can be color, or transparent.

Cast flat-backed relief pieces

Cast flat-backed relief pieces – Can be made from resin, metal, wood, crystal, or other materials, can be adhered for additional dimension and interest. We can design and produce your 3-D pieces, but please add ample lead-time for this process.


Findings, made from brass, or other materials can be hung from the design using jump rings.

Stained glass images

Stained glass images, which are semi-transparent, can be made from your art and incorporated into the finished piece.

  • Step 3: Style/Options75%