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PEI's Custom Screens, Strainers and Filters Provide Extremely Precise Hole Patterns

March 19, 2014

Meet ISO-9002, AS9100, ITAR, and MIL SPEC Requirements

PHOTOFABRICATION ENGINEERING, INC. (PEI), Milford, MA (March 19, 2014) now manufactures a broad line of custom, photoetched metal screens, strainers and filters for the medical, optical, food processing, defense and consumer products industries.  Because PEI can etch metals from 0.5 mil (0.0127 mm) to .125 mil (3.175 mm) thick in almost any length in the most intricate patterns and designs, we can meet almost every design specification with precision and accuracy. 

Fabricated from virtually any metal or alloy—including FDA-approved materials such as 316 stainless steel, titanium and pure nickel--these screens, strainers and filters meet the most stringent quality requirements for food, medical, optical, consumer, military and industrial applications.

PEI excels in producing filters, screens and strainers in high-density patterns with up to 90% open area.. They can be fabricated in almost every shape and size with round or hexagonal holes, ovals and slots.

Because photo chemical machining creates parts free of the burrs, stresses and deformations found in stamped parts, the products PEI manufactures require no post-manufacturing processes and can be supplied quickly, ready to use in any manufacturer’s end product. Since PEI makes the photo tools for these products in-house, lead times are short and prices are extremely competitive. Most important is the fact that PEI’s photo tools don’t “wear” like other types of tooling, so the millionth part is exactly the same as the first part.  Design changes can be implemented in a matter of days rather than weeks. The typical delivery time for prototypes and production orders is three weeks from receipt of order and customer prints.  Applications for PEI’s photoetched screens, strainers and filters include medical and biomedical equipment, optical devices, food preparation and manufacturing equipment, electrical appliances, commercial electronics (including plumbing products such as screens for shower nozzles), military/aerospace and many other industries..

PEI’s quality control methodology and expertise have been recognized by major national and international organizations.  The company currently holds ISO 9002, NAS9002 and AS9100 (Aerospace) registrations, and meets quality standards such as ISO 13485 (Medical) and ISO TS 16949 (Automotive) for other industries.  PEI’s  manufacturing and quality control processes meet or exceed MIL-STD-45622, MIL-STD-105 and ANSI/SQC Z1.4 standards, and PEI is ITAR registered to comply with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.or more information about PEI’s products or for a quotation, contact PHOTOFABRICATION ENGINEERING, INC., 500 Fortune Drive, Milford, MA 01757; telephone (508) 478-2025; fax (508) 478-3582; e-mail, or visit our web site,

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