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Photochemically Etched Parts for the Wireless Cell Phone Industry

September 8, 2008



PHOTOFABRICATION ENGINEERING, INC. (PEI), Milford, MA, (September 8, 2008) manufactures a full line of custom photochemically etched metal components for wireless and portable hand-held cell phones and other communications and telecommunications products.

PEI’s high-volume capabilities include reel-to-reel etching of a wide variety of metals, including stainless steel, for the wireless communications and telecommunications industries. We provide custom etched gaskets, EMI/RF shields, face plates, screens, and other components, and can etch materials in thicknesses from thin foil up to 0.090 in. (2.286 mm). Intricate patterns, geometries and graphics are easily incorporated into the etched part, and all types of surface finishes can be applied.

Photochemical etching provides greater tolerance control for elaborate parts than any other traditional manufacturing method—the millionth part is the same as the first, because the phototools do not wear. With one of the most extensive photo-etching plants in the world, PEI provides OEMs with short delivery leadtimes, highly competitive prices, and the highest possible quality. Quotes are typically turned around within 24 hours of receipt. From design to delivery, PEI offers everything OEMs need to get their products to market efficiently and economically. Our manufacturing process has achieved ISO-9002 certification and complies with most customer and military standards.

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